Selling your Property

Selling your property

At Christensen Estates S.L we are constantly looking for new properties that will fit our international clients, and we will also advertise your property on different international portals.

We will have professional photographies taken of your property, and we will furthermore advertise your property throughout our extensive network of Real Estate agencies on Costa Del Sol, meaning that if any real estate agency will have a client that fits your property they will see it for sale.

The asking price

We will give you a valuation of your property, based on the market value which is considered based on the price of similar properties sold recently, together with the calculation based on square meter prices within the area of your propertys location combined with the cost of building a new property with the same characteristics with the depreciation value taken into account.

Based on a realistic property valuation you need to consider if you want to sell your property fast, or if you can wait for the right buyer to come around.

We will always give you an extensive feedback from any viewing of your property so you can get the right idea about what potential buyers think of your property.

The Sales Process

Step Description
#1 Contact us, and we will set up a meeting where we can give a free valuation of your property, and discuss a possible collaboration.
#2 We will have professional photos taken of your property, we will prepare a collaboration agreement, and request the necesary information for putting your property for sale.
#3 We will put your property for sale on our website, by email to clients of ours whom your property could fit, and advertise it on various international real estate portals, including the inter-agency database on Costa Del Sol.
#4 We will have property viewings with clients that find your property interesting.
#5 When a potential buyer is interested in your property, and a mutual agreement has been settled, the purchase process as explained in the buyer´s guide will be initiated.