Viewing tour

Preparing the viewing tour is the most essential, this is whether you know Costa del Sol already and have decided what area you want to have a property, or if you are completely new to the coast.

For you to see the properties that will fit you the best, it is important that you let us know in detail exactly what kind of property you are looking for, we will then start suggesting various different properties until we decide the properties you will view with us.

We can view between 4-10 properties per day, it is all up to you and depends on how you want to be spending your day when being at Costa del Sol. We recommend that you be reserving at least 3 days for property viewings, the first day we will normally get a better impression of you needs and preferences, where we then have a better idea for what properties to view on the second and the third day.

At Christensen Estates we promise that we will dedicate our time to find you the properties that would be the best fit for you, without any pressure.

When having found the right property, we will help you with negotiation, and give advice on what to look for ensuring the property being right for you.

When you decide to come for a viewing trip to Costa del Sol we can help you:

  • Booking flights and hotels, including giving you tips and advises of the best prices and places to look.
  • Setting up a meeting with a lawyer who can provide advice on what to note when buying a property in Spain.
  • Setting up a meeting with a bank, who can advise on a Spanish mortgage.
  • We can pick you up and drop you off at the airport.